How To Efficiently Manage A School Library?

Mohammed Fahim
Nov 18, 2019 · 3 min read

Proper inventory management and maintenance of inward outward register are the things that you must follow to efficiently manage a school library.

Previously, we might have seen librarians maintaining library registers manually. It becomes a tedious job when it comes to school.

The basic purpose of maintaining a library register is to manage and evaluate the book Inventory. Proper bifurcation leads to the easy availability of the books.

Furthermore, tracking the issuance and return of books from the borrowers will help you know the exact amount of books in circulation with the borrower’s name.

Maintaining a register helps the librarian to save a lot of time and energy and proper book tracking helps to avoid new purchases and thus saves money.

You can manage such a register using excel.

How To Efficiently Manage School Library Register?

To efficient a library, you need to manage an inventory register in which you can record the inward entry of any book purchased or gifted with its price.

This provides the number of books and the worth of books we have in our library. Whenever the book is lost, tore or not returned by the borrower it will be removed from this sheet and inventory will decrease.

Similarly, you need to have an issuance register to track the name of the borrower. This finds you the name of the borrower who is a member of the library.

As a librarian, you record the details of the borrowers to track the book. If the book is not returned in permissible time you can collect a penalty for the delay as predecided by the management.

You can use excel to do this very efficiently.

School Library Register in Excel

We have created a ready-to-use School Library Register in Excel with predefined formulas and formatting so that you can easily, manage, maintain and track library books with ease and very little effort.

Click here to download the School Library Register Excel Template.

School Library Register Excel Template consists of two types of records:

  1. Library Books Inventory Register
  2. Book Search Engine.
  3. Library Book Issuance Register.

The first sheet keeps a detailed record of books purchased or gifted by any institution along with its price.

Additionally, it also consists of a book search engine that can find any book in inventory with the least efforts. It consists of table filters that easily help you find a book in a given category and by a specific author.

The third sheet keeps a detailed record tracking of books to Students, Teachers or the Staff members.

This sheet also has a mechanism that helps you to identify the late return of books by the borrowers. In addition to that, you can charge a predefined penalty to the borrower for delay submission.

With this ready-to-use template efficiently maintain, manage and track the books of a library and that too with minimum efforts.

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