How To Study Smart When Your Syllabus Is Lengthy?

Mohammed Fahim
Nov 18, 2019 · 4 min read

When the syllabus is lengthy it takes much effort and proper planning to prepare for exams. Here are a few tactics that can help you study smart. Following these simple hacks, you can make a great difference in learning.

Simple Hacks to Study Smart

Given here are 6 hacks that can help you study smart. All these hacks are researched and tested. Many renowned universities and psychologists support these hack and also prescribe to their clients. Let us discuss each one in detail.

Drink Enough Water

First things first. The brain is fluid and consists of 80% water. Having abundant water eases the brain functioning. Hence enough amount of water helps memory and thought process performs efficiently.

Usually, while reading the children feels drowsiness. Having water on regular intervals keeps them up and also help in more concentration. This helps the brain to generate neurotransmitters and helps to store important information.

Sleep Well

When you sleep well, that is for a minimum of 7–8 hours, it provides rest to the brain cells. Waking up after a complete sleep clears your mind and makes it alert.

This helps us to focus, learn and remember more information. Usually, you might have seen that things learned in the morning are more imprinted on the mind than evening or night studies.

Improper amounts of sleep can cause tiredness and we tend to remember less. This is because the mind is tired and cannot grasp information.

Sleeping well solidify memories and helps to transfer information from one part of the brain to another.

Make A Study Schedule

Making a study schedule will help the students/parents to design the learning curve of students based on his/her capacity. Proper distribution of time allows the child to make multiple revisions. Furthermore, it provides the student with a better understanding of the subject.

Additionally, as everything subject preparation is pre-planned student doesn’t need to give early or late hours for preparation. This also helps the student effective time management skills.

We have created a simple and ready-to-use Student Study Planner in Excel for proper planning.

Click the link below to download:

Student Study Planner Excel Template.

Stick To A Schedule

Making a plan is just half done and the other half is completed by strictly following it. It will help to eliminate the end moment hassle of non-preparation.

When a schedule is followed, the child gets ample time to enjoy other extracurricular activities which are also necessary for them.

Picture Your Learnings

The brain understands the language of images more than words. Thus when you try to picture your learnings, this helps you to remember and recall things more easily.

Initially, it is hard if you are new to this technique. But once you get to do this, it will help you remember things easily.

Tip For Beginners: When you are learning about some lessons, read the lesson and see the thing happening like a movie. When there are other subjects like science, see the images of the objects.

Similarly, for subjects like Social Studies or Environment imprint those places in mind to see and recall easily.

Make a Test Schedule

Testing your knowledge is as necessary as learning it. When testing is done at regular intervals the information gets properly stored in long term memory. This helps you to review your learning that you learned allows it to sink deeper into your brain.

Use the practice tests given at the end of each lesson in textbooks. You can cover your hands and check your learnings.

Happy Study Time. Enjoy your learning.

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