A new dawn for the financial services platform by QUANTUMPAY

With the intention to transform how banking and financial advice is done, every bit and the component of banking is now taken online.

The world brand QUANTUMPAY is now on the climax of developing what many people imagined will come many years from now. What has been developed on the platform gives equal opportunity to every interested investor to make the best returns on the investment.

The focus is to make banking and all the related activities relevant online and very convenient. When such initiative is adopted, the queue at the banking hall will see 90% decrease as every service will be available on QPAY.

A team of dedicated experts who are currently working on the app to be launched soon have already given QUANTUMPAY a mark in the global platform. Customer taking full financial control via the app making it possible to control every ability of the wallet. The app will also make the daily services such as bill payment, air- time to up, bookings, shopping and trading with other merchants who accept digital payment perfect.

QUANTUMPAY has an amazing user interface that makes it very easy to use once you download the wallet. Security measures are implemented right from the time of installation making it very secure with all your funds. All the possible needs that may arise are given considerations as each user is likely to have a different need on QPAY. Trading has been made easy with every country that is supported and enabled for trading making it perfect.

With the investment on QUANTUMPAY you can’t get it wrong since every requirement is made public and known to investors. The transparent that is witnessed in the development has made the promotion of company token received positively. Getting into the promotion ICO todays will take care of all your worries tomorrow as the idea is set to be the next being thing in the financial sector. The fact that the services on QPAY is accessible both online and offline, this is the best move ever giving opportunity without any attached cost. The engine that is set to change how people are banking has computerized every element and limited human interaction. Once you join, the bank of your choice is under your control and you can easily stop the limitation of time and bank and trade any time. You ca initiate and control every transaction that is done on your wallet, trade with any supported currency and optimize on your returns.

With QPAY, you no longer need to have your money banked locally or keep them under the pillow and earn limited returns. You can set the direction and give the full potential to your investment to see your wealth grow. Lending on the platform is done with the right procedure and background check making the operation very convenient and secure.

The roadmap is already set waiting for the potential investors. Waste no more time making unnecessary trips to the bank yet it’s possible to have it done at the comfort of your seat. The limitation of very factor that you had imagined before has been cleared and a new revolutionary on financial services platform is here with us.

Website: https://quantumpay.co/
Whitepaper: https://quantumpay.co/QUANTUMPAYWP.pdf
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Quantum_Pay
Bitcointalk Username: kulsuma
Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2153838