What’s Interesting About AdQuick

AdQuick.com is a business I started with 3 others. We make it easy to purchase outdoor advertising (billboards, bus shelters, etc).

Early Traction

Our first customers include H&R Block, Lyft, Instacart, Orange Theory Fitness & more.


We’re building technology that brings together the best aspects of the outdoor advertising industry and pushes it forward. Some of the tech is specific to Outdoor advertising and some is inspired by the digital advertising world.

  • We aggregate demographics and pricing data and overlay this information as you browse the map. Data such as median age, median household income & average CPM.
  • We automatically create targeted campaigns for almost any business. For example, our “Campaign Genie” can generate an optimized campaign using the following params: $100K budget, any income, near HR&Block offices. We can target any demographic, point of interest (eg. gyms) or other locations
  • For the first time in the industry, we’re building a single comprehensive analytics dashboard for outdoor advertising campaigns. It integrates SMS, Google Analytics (data around the zip codes of the billboards), geo-targeted Pre & Post-Campaign Survey data and more. What’s more, we are making this open to any sized business, from a local franchise owner to Fortune 500 companies
  • We’ve integrated SMS direct response and made it turnkey for outdoor campaigns (eg. “Text Fitness to 47711 for a free class” on a bus shelter). This makes outdoor advertising a direct response channel and provides great metrics around ROI.
  • We’re building sales lead generation & prospecting tools to help independent billboard companies cost effectively grow their business.
  • For the first time, the entire lifecycle of an outdoor campaign is managed by a single service — spanning planning, booking and tracking.

The Market

The market we’re attacking is massive and we’re already in the forefront in design and usability.

  • US Outdoor market — $9B
  • Global outdoor advertising market — $40B
  • Sponsorship advertising — $90B
  • Agency fees for Outdoor — $1.6B

For perspective, the global marketing spend is $500B. As other traditional mediums like TV, Radio, Magazines decrease in consumption, the ad dollars normally flowing to these channels will need to find a new home. By making the buying process easier and the tracking more data driven, we are positioning AdQuick to grow the overall outdoor advertising pie over the next 5–10 years.

We’ll be hiring in 2017! Shoot me an email at fahim@adquick.com if you’re interested in learning more (and happen to be a humble genius interested in what we’re building :)).

- Fahim