Adventure Capital — Announcing our investment in Jatri

The current bus system comprises of a full time ticketer seen hanging outside the door

Adventure Capital is proud to announce its pre-seed investment in Jatri, a ticketing app that seeks to bring sanity to Bangladesh’s bus market.

Cheaper than motorcycle taxi but faster than riksha, these buses are widely used in Bangladesh as an affordable and pragmatic means of transport. Unfortunately, since their introduction to Dhaka roads little has changed in terms of quality, transparency, and safety.

Jatri app tracks bus location live

Jatri plans to change that. Through its innovative app, customers can now book their seat in advance, saving them from battling countless passengers vying for the same seat on a crowded bus. Users can also view the location of the bus, allowing an estimate of when they should leave for the bus stand. Ticketing is also done electronically through secure digital payment and verified through a clever “sound authentication” method during boarding. This speeds up queues and ensures timely departure.

Bus owners are also able to track earnings in real time and the safety of their drivers. Hopefully, this information can be used to create an incentive system for drivers to operate on roads responsibly.

I’m incredibly excited by the potential of Jatri through the data it collects to save time and save lives. No one should perish on the roads of Dhaka due to careless driving.

— Fahim Saleh, Founding Partner AdCap

Jatri is currently running a pilot with a small number of buses but has already seen breakaway traction booking thousands of rides. The management team is comprised of Aziz Arman (CEO) and Zia Uddin (Director of Operations), formerly Senior Operations Manager at Pathao.




CEO, Gokada

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Fahim Saleh

Fahim Saleh

CEO, Gokada

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