Commodity Wars — Ridesharing’s Race to the Bottom

Ever heard the business motto “Always compete on price”?

It’s what Uber, Lyft, Grab, Gojek, and numerous other ridesharing startups have been doing for the past eight years. Based on the recent performance of these companies in the public markets, it doesn’t seem like a winning motto in ridesharing.

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Uber’s rocky road since IPO

How did the smartest people in the room get a fundamentally flawed business model so wrong? The formula was wrong:

Lack of Infrastructure

The idea behind competing on price isn’t new. It’s what made Walmart the largest retailer in the USA and how Amazon became the behemoth of online commerce. But aside from retail, I can’t name a company that has succeeded with such a strategy, especially a technology company. …

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Yes, it’s true. From Wednesday, August 14th, 2019 all Gokada pilots will be off the roads and the Gokada app will be shut down.

Increased competition, regulatory hurdles, and operational issues have forced us to make this decision. We thank all our loyal users and are truly sorry for this inconvenience.


That’s right. A little bit of clickbait to wake you folks up! Sorry, what can I say I’m a prankster.

Gokada is shutting down but not for the reasons you think. It all started with…

Stuck on the side of the…

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This is the story of one of the most out there things I’ve done. This is the story of how I started Gokada.

It was the Summer of 2017, right on the heels of Pathos's multi-million dollar Series A funding.


Fahim Saleh

CEO, Gokada

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