Disappointments being a Tech Lover at Google i/o Recap Bangladesh
Hello there,
Let me first introduce myself to make you decide if this article is worth your time. I am Fahim Sarower, 24 years old from Dhaka, Bangladesh, one of the developing countries in practical in the Southeast Asia. Currently unemployed, a tech lover, watches a lot of videos on YouTube about tech, loves to learn new things and be depressed out of unemployment. Yes, this pretty much sums up my life now. However, today I want to write about my unexpected and disappointing experience in Google i/o Recap Bangladesh a follow up event of Google i/o 2017.

I recently attended the Google i/o Recap Bangladesh organized by Google Developers Group-GDG Bangla. They’re a connected branch of Google Developers in Bangladesh. I am going to talk a few things here hoping with stick to the main frame of the picture.

Twice in a row, in this year I have attended Google i/o Recap Bangladesh, which last time was called Google i/o Extended Bangladesh. It is always a pleasure to be a part of this event. However, this year I came back home with a broken heart and regret for even deciding to go on the event at the first place. I want to talk about few of the reasons why.

Very first of all, a huge mismanagement was visible even before the event kicked off. A very unwelcoming accommodation problem. I believe and have witnessed that this was an invite only event, which means they choose the participant and the number of participants. Very disappointing to see around 400+ participants over the seating arrangement got invited. The end result was not anything pleasing to the eyes. A huge crowd sat on the floor, a bunch experienced the whole event standing by the stage and a good number of people struggling to get into the auditorium until event was already halfway through. I couldn’t understand, how they miscalculated such a huge number. A huge disappointing experience amongst all the events I have ever attended in my entire lifetime perhaps.

A more mismanagement came, when it came to the goodies they provided in the event. I realize that this was a free, invite only event. Since it is Ramadan in a Muslim majority country, no way did anyone expected any refreshment at all. But the least everyone care about is, the goodies they get from the event. It is like a memory, inspiration and even a further responsibility to build, to create, to develop and be a part of it. A huge bunch didn’t quite made to that memory at all. Definitely I am one amongst those unfortunates but that is the reason I jumped in from of my computer to write this article. It got even worse, which I will mention in my next and final point.

Since it was a developers conference, I assumed, unlike me, most of the people would be developers. like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, I am not a developer. I am a tech lover and what inspires me to go to these events is, to meet brilliant minds working at different innovative ideas. A huge disappointment arrived to me, when I witnessed a vast majority started to leave the event as soon as the technical sessions began. That gave me a good understanding that they weren’t even developers at all. More disappointing to see that they’re not even familiar with the things that are being talked about. I am a tech lover and I think, I understood better than they did there. It wasn’t hard. It wasn’t rocket science. They weren’t even coding. They were just simply talking about, what the newest platforms are capable of. That gave me a vivid image of going backwards with events like these if nothing else. I mean, they had to control over, who they were inviting in, right? I walk into these events to be inspired. I didn’t feel anything like that this time around at all. It was pretty disgusting even.

I know there is a lot of negativity in this article. But if these negativities here, in this article are present for any reason, that is, to make this platform, the Developer Groups stronger to do even better in future. I think, the people at Google has made a huge impact in our life and I honestly hope them to continue doing it so by addressing the problems and making solutions everywhere.

Thank you for you time. I am not a professional writer. Actually this is my first article ever here. Therefore, I apologize for any mistake in my writing or point of view. I just expressed my emotion here.