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First, they have a utility value or a REAL use case. Which means, this apps should solve a real world problem in real economy. I disagree with Trump who said that foreigner or alien steal jobs in the US. It’s the government themselves who decided to focus the economy on wall street. Hence, if there’s an apps -for example- that has the ability to improve the scale, efficiency and security of any digital items transactions (like WAX) it is generating a real economic activity which will create more occupancy, economic growth, and ease of doing something for the society…

ETHLend Dapps

And the reason I share this here is because it’s not just a leverage like the one usually used in margin trading. It can also be a leverage for a hodler -like me. Here is the story;

But before that, I’d like to thank you for sparing your time reading this article. If this is your first time reading my post, I recommend you to take a look about who I am in the link below;

I think in the future some block-chain project might not survive but I also believe that a lot of good projects should be sustainable…

First time I heard about Bitcoin was in 2012 from my high school schoolmate. Not much easy to understand information available back then — or I was just too dumb, perhaps—, but enough to build an intuition in me that this invention would change the way finance work in the future. I was born in 1994 and in 2012 had experienced financial crisis twice (1998 & 2008) that both happened thanks to regulator.

About Bitcoin, I was as skeptic as other people knowing how easy it is for NSA to decode any cryptographic security. My mind was set to be…

Token Hunter

A young economist. A traveler. A both A and C student.

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