Reasons to Consider Wood as an Alternative Heat Source

Fuel oil for furnaces is getting more expensive each year. Relying completely on a furnace for warmth will cost a small fortune. Most families are seeking alternative heat sources to defray the rising costs of oil. Gas fireplace inserts are a possibility, but gas is also a fossil fuel that is not sustainable. Wood burning stoves and heaters are a wise choice because they are affordable and efficient.


Wood is a renewable source so the pricing remains stable, which makes it easy to fit into a budget. Purchasing stoves or australian made wood heaters are affordable and will provide a high return on the investment. There are a number of outlet stores where manufacturers sell products directly to the public. That makes heaters even more affordable because they are offered at deep discounts.

A free standing wood heater maximizes efficiency because it does not use electricity. Owners can save money on both fuel oil and electricity. They can also stay warm in blizzards and ice storms when power outages often occur. Models with flat surfaces for cooking means simple hot meals can also continue to nourish the family during extended outages.


When purchasing any type of wood burning heat source, be sure to compare quality. Spending less money on a cheap and flimsy heater or stove will not save money for homeowners. Repairs, replacements costs, and extra wood required due to inefficiency will add up fast. A high-quality unit will last longer and provide more heat.

Compare materials, thickness, and manufacturing techniques to get the highest quality at the best pricing. The warranty offered on the unit will also indicate the quality. Ten-year warranties, for example, indicate the confidence the manufacturer has in the durability and craftsmanship of all lines of finished products.

The Right Size

Choosing the right size model for the space is a critical factor in efficiency. A model that is too big will cost a lot to maintain heating levels. Wood burning sources work best when filled so buying wood for a huge unit in a relatively small space is a waste of money.

Purchasing a unit that is too small for the needs and space will not reduce dependency on the furnace enough to save a significant amount of money on fuel oil. Selection assistance is available to help homeowners determine the exact size needed to maximize efficiency, save the most money, and keep the family warm and comfortable. Burning wood in the home also creates a wonderful aroma and dancing flames to enjoy.