As the third episode of the walking dead televised yesterday in US, everyone got shocked about Glenn’s death.

As our group decided to move the walkers away from Alexandria, everything started to go wrong.

In the second episode of The Walking Dead, we learnt what was the reason of the loud horn noise. Furthermore, we also learnt Wolves, that are another group which decides to take the control of Alexandria, attacked Alexandria and killed most of the citizens.

We can say the plan of moving the zombies, comes with a bad luck.

The last saddest thing in the last episode was Glenn’s death. %25 or more followers of TV serie TWD like watching Glenn on episode according to a research.

Because of this, no one accepts his death and even he got survived more dangerous moments than his killing one. Alsı there is a question, what did happen to the body of Nicholas? Will Glenn come back in alive? We will learn the answers in following episodes.

A scene from TWD Season-6 Episode-3 “Thank you!”

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