Recent challenging learning experience

my recent most challenging experience actually happened today here in Andela on my first day in the Boot camp.
 I learned some new things i never used or implemented before. yeah,i just had heard of them but not know how to use them.I learned about Test Driven Development,version Control, program logic,Growth Mindset and Git. 
for Version control it was awesome in that i found out that one can actually collaborate in doing one project with their fellow members and able to complete their project form anywhere provide that they have internet access and update one another using GitHub,that was really a wonderful experience for me.

Also learned about Growth mindset which is a very import factor in success of human being as it enables one to think outside the box and come up with be solution and may be be focused on that.

Lst but not least was TDD .It was also fun if you really understand what exactly your trying to test in your code.

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