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While I feel like I’ve told every story I there was to tell, there are always stones left unturned.

What would you like to know more about?

Ask Me Anything, and I’ll turn it into a story.


Here is a first of what may turn into a series: Quickies FAFF. About the conveniently ignored art of ‘keeping things moving’.

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Another day, another project not moving forward. The same room of, arguably, talented people staring at the same lifeless spreadsheet for the umpteenth time. Sounds familiar? Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

Most founders pride themselves in creating a fast-paced work environment. One where today’s agile minds solve…

How the ‘easy does it’ approach can be the key to sustainable growth and development in a world full of startup hype.

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Hockey stick graphs. Promised exponential growth. Break-even before the year’s over. Founders are pulling out all the stops to win an investor or a corporate partner. Not even the skies are the limit these days, and every entrepreneur is expected to be a big-picture visionary. …

How I wasted hours on absolutely nothing, and how I learnt to manage time like a pro. A quick guide for the modern founder.

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Money comes, money goes. The same can be said for employees, investors and even co-founders. But life’s biggest caveat is that time doesn’t come back. Time spent is time gone. It doesn’t matter how much money you make; you can never buy back time. …

We like to talk about our startup as one team, a family, a collective. But what really matters is the individual. Here’s why.

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I will just come out and say it: I didn’t pay attention to my employees. Listening to their personal stories felt like a chore, something you must simply go through if you want to be a good boss. The truth is, I was anything but a good employer. …

Feeling like you have to cater to your investor’s every whim? Learn to say ‘no’ every now and then – It’ll be good for business!

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Our investors ran the show. Usually for the better, but many times for the worse. I can’t really blame them, they had their own interests at stake. …

Do you rely on gut feeling when taking decisions? How data can help emotion-driven entrepreneurs make the right choices.

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“I am not going to say it again: It just doesn’t feel right!” My co-founder, a highly analytical person with two degrees in engineering, looked exhausted. …

A quick and actionable follow-up on my previous post about the many benefits using Objectives and Key Results in your startup.

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Earlier this month I penned down my thoughts on the usefulness of OKRs, and how I regret not introducing them in my very own startup when we still had the chance. …

An introduction to Objective Key Results and how the framework will guide you and your business for the rest of your life. Part one.

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This isn’t going to be your average “lessons learnt” post, as our startup never got around to even talking about ways to measure our progress. …

Many entrepreneurs agree startups are like a roller coaster, but few admit to feeling lost, lonely and defeated. Let’s talk about it.

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Wednesday night, around ten o’clock. Time to finally head home after what has been another pretty useless day. Let me quickly check my inbox one more time, turn on the dishwasher, close all windows and doors. …

Failed Founder

Lessons From A Failed Founder is a series of blog posts by a thirty-something entrepreneur who made all the mistakes in the big startup playbook, and then some.

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