Instant Messaging

We’re gonna fail the Bechdel Test aren’t we?
Oh well.
I just think that after a century of sexual revolution we should just shut the fuck up and fuck the shit out of each other.
That’s not very ladylike of you to say.
I don’t give a shit. I love cock, fucking sue me.
Yeah but there has to be some barrier. Boundaries. A bit of civility.
Birch please when it comes to sex there ain’t no such thing as civility.
Aren’t you a virgin?
Doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion.
Based on internet pornography filtered through the male gaze. 
Hey I’ve watched feminist porn.
That sounds like an oxymoron.
You got the moron part right. Porn for women sucks.
Phrasing, phrasing.
I just mean I shouldn’t have to feel bad about some bitch gotten a faceful of jazz.
I meant jizz stupid spell check.
Faceful of jazz sounds like a Polish avant garde free jazz album from the sixties.
I wish sex wasn’t so important.