Dropbox targets new market with ‘Professional’ cloud collaboration

Dropbox wants its independent workers to ‘stand out from the crowd.’

For those independent workers that are sick and tired of file-sharing tools that are aimed more at groups than the individual Dropbox may have a solution.

With Dropbox Professional users will be able to store, share, and track work from a single place by bringing together the company’s storage, sharing, and support solutions in to one place.

In addition to the standard tools that users of the tech will already be familiar with, the company is also introducing Dropbox Showcase. The feature is said to allow users to share content, track client engagement and, “maximize the impact of their work.”

“Work is becoming more fluid as the scope of projects that individuals can take on expands,” said Todd Jackson, Head of Product, Dropbox. “In this new world, it’s critical to deliver a phenomenal first impression, every time. Dropbox Professional gives independent workers new ways to organize their workflow and stand out from the crowd by helping them share their work in a customized way that’s richer than email.”

Showcase enables users to pull content onto a single branded page that can be customised and edited. Content is synced with Dropbox so that files are kept up to date, meaning that the up-to-date version can be seen by the client.

Analytics have also been included with Showcase, giving the producer of the work insights into who is viewing, downloading, or commenting on their files.

The company’s Smart Sync technology is also included in the Professional product, meaning that every file and folder that a user stores in Dropbox can be seen and accessed from the user’s Mac and Windows from the cloud.

Dropbox Professional is available now but will set you back £199 per year and it will include 1 TB of space.

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