FairAppToken Pre-sale

What will the team do with money raised during this phase?

FairAppToken pre-sale is a really important phase of our project. As we incurred in many expense during early development of FairAppStore, we need funds in order to a release FairAppStore alpha version by Q1 2018.

Because of this, we choose to start a pre-sale campaign with a big discount over XFT ICO price. Main aim of this particular phase of our crowdsale, is to collect necessary funds to:
1. List our token on ICO trackers websites (such as coindesk.com, tokenmarket.net and so on) and heavily advertise our project on those site in order to increase our popularity among crypto-users and be able to gain attention of big investors and major companies.
2. Be able to partner with CoinTelegraph, NewsBTC and many other press sites to reach lots of investors and spread FairAppToken project worldwide.
3. Hire two full-stack developer, a community manager and a partership manager.
4. Pay major exchanges fees to list our token after ICO end.

In order to achieve these targets, we are running our pre-sale phase with a 30% discount on ICO price. If you want to invest and receive a bigger discount, or become our partner, please contact us at support@fairapptoken.info.
Pre-sale phase will last till our main targets will be achieved, and ICO will start shortly after.

How will early investors be able to receive their tokens, and when?

After ICO phase ends, we will manually release tokens to contributors; they will be delivered directly to Ethereum addresses where you initially sent us your funds. If you want tokens to be sent to a different address, please contact us at support@fairapptoken.info.

It is important to notice that tokens will be sent before listing on exchanges, in order to let you buy, or sell, them.

We estimate our current cost to be about 45,000 thousand USD; thus your support will be essential to further development of FairAppStore and FairAppToken project.

Many thanks for your support,

FairAppToken Team.