Faireum’s Public Debut Held on Japan Blockchain Conference 2019

CEO Ishihara Yoshihiko shares Faireum’s breakthrough technology and unique business model in Asia’s Largest Blockchain Conference

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Mar 8 · 3 min read

Faireum will be having its Pre-ICO sale on the coming March 25th, marking another milestone on the development of its sustainable business model. With this monumental event right around the corner, let’s take a look back on January 30, which was a phenomenal day for Faireum as they, for the first time, release their technology and business model on the Japan Blockchain Conference 2019 held in Yokohama.

In an exclusive interview with Coin Otaku, Ishihara Yoshihiko, Faireum’s CEO, explains the advantages of the technology behind the blockchain project and how users would be able to profit with their unique business model. Yoshihiko emphasized particularly on the Faireum’s “slightly different” approach in their business model.

The common crypto business model has its authorities concentrated in a single server, posing a lot of risks. This is why Faireum has its authorities decentralized and dispersed to minimize all possible risks. Secondly, Yoshihiko described Faireum’s business model to be “participatory” wherein the system is not exclusive to a limited number of members of the market and is open to users and investors who want to participate. In this way, risks are furthermore decreased. In the interview, Yoshihiko stated that he hopes “as many people as possible will understand the advantages of this business model.”

“Some people have negative impressions towards this project both inside and outside Japan.” Yoshihiko, stated, not shying away from the current challenges of the market. “We are not aiming for a head-start. Rather, we would like to confirm compliance issues and create a system that can overcome the regulations of each country.”

Faireum focuses mainly on the Asian market for the reason that developing countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar and Bangladesh has a lack of entertainment, which makes them ideal primary business targets. Furthermore, the population of individual Asian countries as compared to western countries is significantly larger, such as the 100-million population of Indonesia. With these numbers, Faireum will leverage on it to expand to the rest of the world.

Having the best overseas employees of various skills from all around the globe, Faireum takes its operations seriously in perfecting its business model which is open for everyone.

Yoshihiko stated that the Faireum project was born with the aspiration to “destroy the gap between the people who make profit brought by the ‘bubble state’ of cryptocurrency from 2017 to 2018.” Faireum envisions an equal chance and opportunity for everyone with a sustainable and participatory business model.

Having run a gaming company before Faireum, Yoshihiko finds “wonder in bringing dreams to children and young people.” He hopes that as people participate in the project, players would find happiness from playing the games and investors would “no longer feel down” amid the crypto winter by having a profitable project.

Faireum is reaching out to you to make this happen.

The Faireum platform is currently on the beta stage of development with ready-to-play games now available on faireum.com and the smart contract has recently been released and verified by SmartDec.

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Faireum Official

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