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Mar 30 · 4 min read

By now, the crypto community is buzzing about Faieum’s new ‘Once fair, always fair’ model, it’s time to start transforming the gambling experience for everyone involved!

Faireum’s public blockchain with a set of protocols excels at providing a decentralized, low-cost, transparent, and secure betting and gambling environment. The public blockchain focuses on the problems of the online gambling industry, resolving them with a set of protocols. Such an approach expands on existing decentralized platforms to deliver a superior user experience.

At the core of Faireum’s ‘always fair’ model is the Zero Random Algorithm.

We all know just how important random number generators (RNGs) are for games of chance. But because there are no standard methods of creating an RNG that is as close as it gets to being truly random. But this results in a flawed game logic of centralized online betting platforms. No one knows how these programs work and people are losing money without them knowing.

The Zero Random Algorithm is Faireum’s answer to these questionable RNGs being implemented in gambling platforms. By having a blockchain-based internal RNG that is validated by Zero-Knowledge proof, each random number generated from the blockchain is verified to be truly random, or provably fair.

Faireum platform has an Application Programming Interface that is suitable for third-party business providers to access through a consensus mechanism and the Faireum Virtual Machine (FVM). The Faireum main blockchain uses the Web Assembly Virtual Machine WASM) as its default run time for smart contracts. Besides, it uses Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) + Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPos) as its consensus mechanism.

The random number from Faireum blockchain is not just data anyone can deduce from the program. Together with the block hash and zero-knowledge proofs, it is not possible to deduce or predict their random number generator by using an inverse. They call this algorithm Zero Random Algorithm (ZRA). In addition to the ZRA algorithm, the Faireum blockchain is pre-configured with several other Random Number Generators (RNGs) such as:

Faireum Random Digital (FRD): dedicated to digital games

Faireum Random Casino: dedicated to casino games

Dynamic probability balance index generator, also known as Faireum Dynamic Betting (FDB): preset for real-time results such as sports quizzes

What Games can you play on the Faireum Blockchain?

Faireum covers the basic types of gambling games:

Casino: these games accommodate a variety of gambling activities where customers can play games of chance

Digital games: competitive e-sports is now considered a promising spectator sport, having achieved huge levels of popularity

Sports betting: This type of game involves predicting the results of a sporting event and placing a wager on the outcome

Faireum’s blockchain-based gaming ecosystem on which online gambling operators can build their games upon has a huge potential to revolutionize the gambling industry for players, operators as well as regulators. It offers the immutable fairness of the blockchain, but also eliminates the settlement times of busy blockchain.

Casino operators can utilize feature-rich gambling applications with zero-house edge, as well as near to zero fees. The power of Faireum’s proprietary blockchain means that the platforms are secure, fair, and anonymous.

However, it is also an extremely scalable platform that will not slow or get more expensive as tens of thousands of transactions are possible every second.

Under this ecosystem of a scalable blockchain, the games on the Faireum platform become both fair, and capable of working regardless of the number of users or the size of the transactions.

Being both fair and functional is the next step in the blockchain gambling movement that will disrupt the traditional market.


Faireum is reaching out to you to make this happen.

The Faireum platform is currently on the beta stage of development with ready-to-play games now available on and the smart contract has recently been released and verified by SmartDec.

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