The Love-Hate Relationship of Land-Based and Online Gambling

A hitchhiker’s guide to the world of gambling, from the casino halls to their technological counterparts.

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Jan 31 · 5 min read

The world of gambling can be intimidating to some people. Its luxurious world may be considered to be preserved to just selected few. But when the year 1998 came, the Internet revolutionized the way we live. Since then, it has changed the way we conduct businesses, interact with people, and manage even our financial lives. Computers became an essential part of our society. It’s not even that surprising that gambling became online and time finally came when anyone — anywhere — can gamble thanks to these tech advancements.

Since many people are intimidated by the ambiance and surroundings of land-based casinos, many people turn into online gambling. In a land-based setup, players may feel that they do not know the rules and etiquettes of the game, while in the online casino, it has every information available for the players.

Online gambling truly shook the foundations of the gambling industry. Land-based gaming had to go through a massive adjustment to keep up with the revolution brought by online gambling. At first glance, it may seem bad news for the offline sector of gambling. From the mid-90s, the battle between land-based casinos and online gambling broke out and is still on-going up to the present. While others see online casinos as a parallel industry of land-based casinos, others see it as a competition that will eventually cause the demise of land-based gambling.

Gambling Demographics

Seasoned gamblers who have seen the change brought by tech innovation can truly attest that gambling online and offline is quite different. Others may be continually shifting from offline to online or vice versa — it’s still a matter of personal preference. It’s similar to watching movies in a cinema or streaming it online. Consumers can choose one, or they can do both. Again, it’s still a matter of preference.

There are still those who are high rollers, tourists, and people who still prefer to enjoy real-life experience continue to gamble in live resorts all over the world. Las Vegas and the likes will still continue to be a massive tourist attraction as the home of gambling. Even in the advent of technology, land-based casinos will still continue to attract patrons, who prefer real-life excitement brought by it.

On the other hand, people who prefer online gambling are a new generation of players. They may probably be the people who simply choose to stay at home to gamble or who will choose to gamble in person at some point. They may also be those people who do not wish to travel long distances to go to a land-based casino because they can experience it in the comfort of their own homes.

Why Gamble Online?

Most players online basically played in an offline casino at one point. They may probably those who experienced a thrilling gambling moment. However, the problem with land-based casinos has something to do with location. As much as these land-based casinos provide an exciting experience of gambling, people do not like to travel the distance for their gambling fix. Land-based casinos are not always accessible for players and so online gambling is the perfect solution for it. Online gambling can be accessed in the convenience of their own homes — at any time — and still win real cash winnings.

People choose to gamble online due to its large game variations. Contradictory to land-based casinos, all online gambling games are different, and they are always available. You don’t have to wait for a machine to open or to wait for a slot and have no problem playing online games at any time.

Another is that online casinos bonus offers that are available even as soon as you log in or go online. Land-based casinos do not usually offer bonuses like these free casino cash. Players online can have many offers that are available for them.

Lastly, in terms of safety and security, they are much greater online. Online gambling sites follow laws and provide privacy policies for the players. This feature attracts so much attention that many players are turning to online casinos.

The Verdict

Since we live in the online era, it would be unfair to say that online gambling became a threat to the gambling industry. Online gambling just made use of the resources available and one way to look at it would be its benefit to the gambling industry as a whole.

Land-based gambling will always have its place since it can still provide the real-life experience that most people prefer. But we should also see the situation in a way that online gambling can also contribute to the industry. Online gambling enables to introduce a new breed of players who are new to the rules of the trade and who have never considered setting foot in a casino.

As the industry continues to grow from strength to strength, as it responds to new emerging technologies and changing market conditions, it is likely that the benefits of online (and mobile) to the wider industry will become even more evident in the years to come.

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