Heart Chakra-Love Energy Activating Meditation

A meditation to support you in activating your heart chakra and connecting to love energy within you and being more in tune with the heart energies/emotions. Being more loving towards yourself and others.

To begin:

In a comfortable position whether you’d like to sit or lay down, visualize yourself at the base of a beautiful golden pyramid and then ascend to the top of the pyramid. See a golden beam of light coming forth from the tip of the pyramid and flowing into your heart chakra, the area in the centre of your chest and encompassing the heart organ as well.

As you visualize the flow of energy coming into your heart and heart chakra, then begin to have the beam of light pull energy blockages into it as if it were a vacuum, see them being pulled in gently and being dissolved into the light. The energy blockages can be seen as murky energy blobs or however you’d like to see them.

Once you feel ready, the next part is to see the light expanding from the heart and filling your body completely, feel yourself glowing radiantly a beautiful golden light, emanating and shining like the evening sun.

Then the golden light becomes a deep and vibrant pink, and this beautiful energy is emanating from you and fanning all around you, it is within you and all around you. You are one with it.

Once you feel ready, ground and center yourself by seeing roots made of light coming from the bottoms of your feet and growing down to the ground, and then knocking on the Earth as if knocking on a door you’ll feel a pull which to me means ‘come inside’. See and feel your light roots growing and flowing deep into the Earth, you are becoming part of the Earth, the planet’s energetic system.

You might feel a tingling sensation in your feet if sensitive to energy. The grounding is complete. Now center yourself by coming back into yourself by feeling yourself in your body. Be a little above your body so that you are not too in to yourself. More connected to the all (Earth, Creation etc). Transcended.

When you feel ready, open eyes slowly, and stay with the energy for a little while if you like. Then speak with Source Creator/Mother Father God/Great Spirit and ask for the energies to be held in place throughout the day.


The pyramid is a shape and structure that penetrates the consciousness, the golden light is God consciousness, unity consciousness, the pink light is the light of love.

Thanks for reading. This is another meditation from Sylvia Browne’s book ‘God, Creation and Tools for Life’. It has a lot of cool meditations that are helpful as spiritual tools.

If you have any questions or would like to drop a line, or a few or a bunch then give me a holler and a hoot. Open to your feedback :3 (puppy face) hehe.

Much love and blessings to you and may your journey into the sacred heart of the temple of your being be a beautiful rediscovering.