Happiness Is Boring.
Robert Cormack

Getting off FB was the best thing I ever did. It really depressed the shit out of me. I live in the middle of nowhere, I mean really in the middle of nowhere and yet when I was on fb I found myself yearning to go somewhere remote so I could breathe. I looked out the window at the gum trees and wallabies and thought, “hang on, I live in one of the most remote parts of Australia”. It was then that I realised that I live where I live because I’m an introvert and I was spending way more time with people on FB than I would ever be able to tolerate in the real world.

That, together with some horrible troll-y moments on FB and I was pretty quickly out of there. I made some really nice friends on FB and reconnected with some lovely people I had lost. Some keep in touch via email, for others it’s just too much trouble.

On the plus side, I’m soooooo much happier.

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