How Having Zero Friends Surprisingly Made Me A Better Person
Kassey Vilches

“My situation gave me a limitless perspective. In the past, I had no interest learning other areas because my circle of friends is the same. I never wanted to get out of my comfort zone.” (by the way — how do you make the highlighted quote come up in your response?)

It seems to me that real friends or the “soul-mates” you yearn for would have been encouraging you to learn and grow and step out of your comfort zone. Perhaps what you had were not really friends, but acquaintances, or shopping buddies, or cafe friends.

Now you are growing into the person you were always meant to be and you are doing it without a cheer squad — BRAVO! I’m predicting that before too long you will find those friends you yearn for and they will be the best and truest friends you have ever had. Friends that don’t just keep you company and entertained, but friends that push you to be better, expand your horizons and applaud every achievement and success you have.

Finally, congratulations on writing in English when it is not your first language. That takes guts and you do it very well. Is it perfect? No, but with practice it will be and for now it shows the true you as you are in this moment and I find that very endearing.

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