Yet observers also warn of the increasing aggressiveness of the country’s economic posture through business and land acquisitions — actions that are swallowing up sizable chunks of the food supply across the world. They’re fearful that this is putting global food security at risk. As a result, they’re sounding alarm bells inside governments from Africa to the United States.
This Is How China Is Feeding Itself
Tomás Sidenfaden

The enthusiasm with which the Australian government is allowing the sale of enormous tracts of very rare arable land in this country should be terrifying to every Australian.

Farms like the Kidman holdings, for example, are truly massive and almost function as mini-states in their own right. I have little faith in the Australian government to regulate what goes on these huge properties in Chinese hands, whether it be animal welfare, use of agri-chemicals on crops and pastures or workers’ wages, rights and conditions.