Crowdfunding: The New FinTech Frontier
Alexandra Tynion

Nice piece Alexandra! I have a take that overlaps your perspective but differs somewhat.

For entrepreneurs. equity crowdfunding has the potential to reduce the cost of equity capital by making it easier to sell a direct public offering, one in which no broker-dealer is involved. Another potential way this can happen is to encourage a new breed of discount broker-dealer — one that charges a lower commission & fees.

For investors, equity crowdfunding will encourage innovation in deal structure. For example, the Fairshare Model, a performance-based capital structure for companies that raise venture capital in a public offering. It is the subject of a book I’m “crowd vetting” at An interview I gave on it

There are bound to be other ideas for how to provide investors with a better deal when they invest. Equity crowdfunding can help unleash new thinking on how to innovate in capital formation.