Why Floyd Mayweather Jr Looked Like He Lost The Fight?

The answer is, because we wanted to see Pacquiao won it rather than his opponent.

Boxing like other sport is a numbers game and like how I understand football as I grow up, it always supported by statistics.

In picture below, you can see the cold hard facts about why Mayweather Jr won the fight

This is fact not fiction, and if some people can’t accept it then you have some problem my friend.

I rooted for Manny to win the fight yesterday. Why? Simply because I thought he was the better man than Mayweather Jr.

It’s really easy to sympathise with sportsman like Manny Pacquiao. Firstly, he comes from a very poor family in Kibawe, Phillipines

Manny Pacquiao was departed from a very poor family which once in his lifetime, can only eat a proper meal for only few days in a week.

Secondly, Manny is the man of God in which he thinks every of his fight whether he lost it or won it, it is with the blessings from the boss upstairs.

Thirdly, he was a great fighter. A bloody great one! Manny Pacquiao is the first and only eight division champion in which he also has won ten world titles.

While Manny poses the “nice guy” image in his personality, Mayweather Jr his counterpart is something else

Floyd Mayweather Jr owns two private jet and seven sportscar worth $40 million, and $15 million respectively.

The world’s highest earning sportsmen (according to Forbes) also has the knack for displaying his “personal value” from his social media accounts

In the last 15 years, Mayweather Jr also involved in series of arrests citing from domestical abuse to assaults.

Just from these three stark differences of background, we already know who won the fight isn’t it?

My greatest disappointment yesterday was that people failed to recognize how good Mayweather was on the ring running around.

He was fighting a fighter who once making one of the good looking boys in boxing looking like this. How could you not running away?

Was Mayweather spot on with his game plan? Of course, yes! That was a defense masterclass.

Was the fight rigged, and Manny Pacquiao was robbed with the jury’s decision? I didn’t think so, and if you notice Manny’s face he knew he had lost the fight.

Was Pacquiao the same fighter that was punching Oscar De La Hoya for fun? I didn’t think so.

He was slowing down, and didn’t look like he has the solution of opening Mayweather Jr’s defense while his opponent himself fighting efficiently and economically by owning Manny with his stiff jabs.

In boxing point of view, that sums up more than enough about why Mayweather Jr won the fight. Problem is, can you accept the fact that the thug has won the war?

I don’t think so :D

Let’s just think that Manny was having his karmic evening, as he won a fight vs Marquez in this manner few years ago.

In Freddie Roach’s documentary on HBO he said it himself “that was so close, I thought I lost it”

One of my greatest mentors in life once said that you build your reputation in life based on integrity and accountability.

Even though we were questioning Mayweather’s integrity and accountability as opposed to Pacquiao’s, Mayweather Jr was the better boxer yesterday and I pity him that most people doesn’t believe he has won the game

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