About hopes and disasters:

Not quite how it looks;

Not quite how it seems

There was an ocean of fears dripping and it

spoiled, scratched, stained

my skin forevermore.

There are days when my body

doesn’t feel the warmth

of the summer sky,

And the flowers may be pretty,

but they are all dead;

I can feel the wind pushing me

I’m going in circles

Everything repeats it self

over and over

My time has passed;

I am now a misleading ghost,

hatred flows on my veins

and I run through veils of sorrow

But only lost souls can see me;

But lost souls know only dispair

I cannot remember the precise

moment when I stopped wishing

for the sun to rise

and started wishing for a

never ending night,

so the darkness could

eat me


There’s just so much pain.

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