Key to make new Friends and be Interesting

What did I learn from the book How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie?

After reading the first chapter I have come to know some of the really interesting facts and — —

1- I’ve come to know that why people share their stories to me and they love my company. it is because I listen to people and give importance to their thoughts and suggestions.

2- there is no magnet to attract the people, its just because you have to become “be interested” instead of “being interesting”.

3- The key to influence people and being interesting is to listen to people and give more importance to their thoughts and stories instead of talking about yourself.

What did I learn by applying these things in real life?

Although I have been doing the same thing for so long but I was not aware of this technique. So today was the day to apply the technique keeping in mind about the challenge. I have had some interesting experience.

1- People are always ready to share their stories if you are a good listener.

2- Its not really hard to go and talk to the people you feel shy and they respond back very nicely :) I would encourage you to give it a try.

3- No one is going to tell you the real story if you are there only to talk about yourself.

I am not a very friendly to someone whom I am not familiar with. but today I tried to meet with the people, I know them but I never talked to them before. So I went to cafeteria and start with the very formal talk and after some time it was converted to a good friends because I came to know that person lives near to my home. apart from that I talked to other people and mostly the results were positive and good. the one problem which I faced was to start the conversation. Apart from that, everything went very smooth.

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