Short message to my Western Liberal Friends

“WE created ISIS, WE created the Taliban, WE WE WE!!!”

Self centered much?

Many of my liberal friends do not understand how racist these statements are because they take all the agency out of the people who are part of these terrorist groups or the people who support them ideologically and financially.

Which reinforces this notion that people who live in Muslim majority countries bear no responsibility whatsoever in defeating that ideology or these groups.

Saudis love that!

I am in no denial whatsoever that US foreign policy or Israeli domestic and foreign policy have played a role in the rise of Islamist terrorism in the Muslim World, specially the alliance with Saudi and Qatar as well as the expansion of the settlements in the West Bank and many bad cold war and post cold war policies.

but to deny the agency of the Islamists, to deny them all what they have worked so hard to believe and achieve is not only non helpful but actually very dangerous because you are by default fighting against the forces of progress and modernity from that part of the world who are trying to change things for the better.

The Raif Badawis of the Middle East, the Feminists, the Gay Rights activists, the Secular Bangali Bloggers and many others.

The people who are in constant threat by Islamists.

Liberals, it’s time for you to be on the right side of history, it’s never too little too late.

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