“The Muslims killing other Muslims therefore they are not real Muslims” fallacy

“Attacking Muslims in Muslim Countries in Ramadan and you still think ISIS is Islamic? #Turkey #Bangladesh"

Let me explain to you why this comment is garbage:

First: Within some schools of Islamic thought, the penalty for apostasy is death.

Second: Within some schools of Islamic thought, mainly salafist and Wahabi schools there is a concept called "Takfeerism" تكفيريين in Arabic, in which it gives the permission to declare people who call themselves Muslims to be Kafirs or Apostates therefore it is permissible to kill them.

Third: the leader of ISIS has a PhD in Islamic studies.

Fourth: because you are an apologist, other than focusing on Wahabism and Salafist schools of thought, you focused on "Western media" to be a problem.

Fifth: take some personal responsibility and try not to outsource all the problems in your community to someone else.

Maybe that's a good start.

Faisal Saeed AlMutar

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I come from a region where getting stoned means something else! Iraqi born writer & founder and president of Ideas Beyond Borders