How to use morning time more productively?

Faisal Alvi
Sep 18, 2017 · 2 min read

A few months ago, I used to sleep a lot in the morning time and wake up after 9.30 to 10.00. This habit was making me lazier and uninterested in my life.

But then I read articles on medium on how to use your time more productively. I have not just read those articles but I followed the instructions mentioned in them and got results!

Here I want to share what I followed.

The most important thing to use your morning time in productive activities instead of just lying on a bed is to go to bed early!

Initially, it would seem a little bit hard to go to bed early because your best friend, Sleep’s routine is to come late..! So we should first start with waking up early and struggle a few days. If we wake up early for a few days, Sleep will have to come soon at night and your daily routine to go to bed early will start changing.

So this is how I started waking up early and if you win this, you won the race already!

Early mornings are the best time to rise and shine in your life!

Now you just have to prepare a productive activities list — this may differ from mine which is as follows:

  • Pray for Meditation
  • Go to the GYM
  • Have a breakfast
  • Spend 15 minutes' time with family (without touching the mobile phone!)
  • Get ready for office

When I started getting up early, it was really easy for me to do these tasks! and when I complete all the tasks in the morning time (third half of the day) I feel happy and I made myself ready to conquer the remaining tasks and goals of the day.

So, why not to use morning time? Start from today by making a decision of waking up early tomorrow. Prepare a list. And go on…

If you feel this is article will be helpful to you. Please share and motivate me by hitting likes. Thank you! :)

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