Should I Become a Product Manager?
Hemal Shah

Great advice Hemal . I am obsessed with standing new services online and clearly see how your ideas are helpful not only for PMs but for entrepreneurs as well. I designed an on-demand styling service by coupling it with designing clothes, for men. I feel you need to fake it till you make it, not in bad terms but to test if your ideas would really work. So we made a basic website to explain the service and started putting things out on social platforms to promote it and at the backend we didn’t hire a team of tailors etc but focused on the front end stylists instead. We trained them on the service and what the interactions would entail and how do we have to explain it to clients. We handed them over a sales kit that included fabric samples, styles and measurement tools. It really worked. We had some challenges with explaining it to the clients but once our stylists got a hang of the fabric, styles, measurements then they were able to clearly communicate that to clients. You can take a look at it: it’s still very small and I started it so I can get some free custom suits too( joking :p) would love to hear from you though.

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