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If you intend to distribute software or any type of file over the internet, Codesigning helps with convenient distribution. Codesigning is the process of signing code files to confirm the author and guarantee that it has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed. It is a mandatory step in avoiding warnings shown to the users when they download and run a file.

Furthermore, codesigning cements the legitimacy of an app to its users. Having a certificate makes sure that a file doesn’t get altered or corrupted on its way from the developer to the end-user.

If you choose to distribute executable apps from a website then you have to go through some inconvenience that developers in the past didn’t; at least not on the same level. The latest releases of macOS and Windows warn users that you’re not a well-established publisher. As a result, you might end up losing potential users. Having a coding certificate helps the cause of reducing such warnings. …

With Microsoft and Apple moving away from Intel, the long transition to ARM has begun.

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In the beginning of October, Microsoft updated its most elegant computer yet, The Surface Pro X. They had introduced it roughly around a year back. At the time, it barely qualified as a legit work station as the software ecosystem was not ready and hence was scrupulously played down by most.

Even Microsoft’s Edge didn’t support their slickest computer yet. However, after a year, things have certainly gotten better; Microsoft has a working plan in place for making sure legacy(x86) apps run with an “emulation” layer while some well-known apps have added native support for Arm.

The Surface Pro X is a part of a bigger picture that Microsoft wants to paint. It underlines the trend that it is time for device manufacturers to initiate their transition to ARM . Needless to say, it might take some time before others jump on the bandwagon. …

With the new Chromium-based Edge browser, Microsoft attempts to revive itself in a space it has been losing for almost a decade. With all the new features and advantages over Chrome, it still faces an uphill battle of winning back its long lost users.

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Microsoft released its new Chromium-based browser earlier this year, but what does this new browser mean for the general users and should they give it a try? Yes, if you spend a good amount of time browsing the Internet and if you’re a little concerned about your privacy.

A web browser amongst others is your gateway to the Internet and thus it knows a lot about you and your habits. …

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I got paid only 40 percent of what I was supposed to get paid in my first ever job as an assistant physics lecturer at a private tuition setup. It was the very first dough I had earned in my career and I ended up getting conned.

There was no particular reason for the cut. I was told I would be paid later.

It was certainly not the ideal way to receive your first pay cheque and this episode changed my perception about keeping faith in people when it comes to getting paid on word of mouth.

It made me skeptical about transacting with people. Even in situations with no chance of transgression, I would be paranoid about receiving payments. I have learned my lessons and now evaluate people if they would make an honest candidate to transact with, which I believe is right. Everyone does that. Nobody wants a business association big or small with no security of receiving payment. …

Quite often people don’t understand signing in apps and services with Facebook profile comes at a cost — Vulnerability.

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It’s no secret that registering to Apps and Services with existing profiles(Facebook or Google) saves you time and more importantly one less login to remember. The subscribed service gets more than required information about you. It is clear that the service being subscribed to likes it when you sign in with your existing online profiles instead of manually creating one.

What really happens when you sign in with google or facebook?

Let’s say you are creating a new profile for as this service requires you to create a profile for performing a transaction, either manually creating one with a user name and (yet another)password or Facebook sign in. …

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Our team has been using Bitbucket for the last eight months. Originally, we were hosted on Github prior to using bitbucket. The only reason we had made the switch to Bitbucket was — Free Private Repositories.

We have always been more comfortable with the user interface of Github as most development teams are, and found the switch a tad bit painful.

Earlier this year, Github announced free private repositories for up to 3 contributors per repository(Bitbucket stands at 5). The plan would have fewer features in comparison to the paid plans. …


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