Learning How To Learn

Learning in a new way

Learning is basically knowledge or skill acquired through experience or study or by being taught.

Everyone wants to learn new things, wants to enjoy the life and wants to be superior in skills. But it requires some smart techniques above all it requires courage to say welcome to the challenges face during the learning process and never give up.

The Main Challenges I faced while learning something new is lack of knowledge, I will look stupid by doing this, its not my field and its irrelevant to my past experience. Time limit is also a challenge that most of the things taakes too much time to learn. The quality learning is also an issue.

I have learned from Amal Academy Course that:

  1. Practice makes permanence:

2) Tackling procrastination (don’t delay or postponed)

These are the two takeaways from the course which is very useful in learning those skills.

I will use them and practice them throughout my life on daily basis, will tell the others as well. Will motivate others, learn from my mentors and from everyone around, I will just start to be a life long learner. I will never give up and always be humbl in life.

Lets see from these examples in my life:

  1. Challenge Drawing/painting

I’ve also dabbled in drawing, though I really suck at it. That doesn’t stop me from making suggestions!

  1. Sketch daily. Bring a pad around and sketch simple things you see.
  2. Watch a free online tutorial each day, and actually practice what you learned in the tutorial.
  3. Work on the basics: how to draw lines, circles, eyes, then faces. Practice the basics every day until your pencil control gets pretty good.
  4. Post your daily sketches online somewhere. You’ll be amazed at how motivated that makes you, and how much progress you’ll see over time.

2) Challnge Subject like history or math

I’ve studied various subjects that interest me, but I don’t consider myself an expert (I’ve never gotten a PhD, for example). That said, I will make a few suggestions:

  1. Quiz yourself before you study something — yes, you’ll get a lot of things wrong, but it will make your learning even stronger, because when you get to the answers in your study, you’ll recognize them as things you don’t know and make some solid connections with that knowledge.
  2. Quiz yourself regularly. It helps to take a quiz right after your study session, but also a couple days later, and a week after that, etc. This regular habit of forcing yourself to retrieve the knowledge will be difficult, but will interrupt your forgetting and make the learning last longer.
  3. Again, use the flashcard system. It’s free, there are lots of subject-based flashcard sets available, and its spaced repetition is the best method for learning available. Do your flashcards daily, even if you suck at first. You’ll start learning inevitably.
  4. Join a study group. There are lots of other people studying what you’re studying, and surprisingly, they’re online! This will help motivate you, help you when you get stuck, and deepen your learning because you’ll make lots of connections between what you’re learning and the interactions you’re having with people.