A Tribute To Edhi Sahab

Failure is Always an Option

So after a great brainstorming at Amal Academy we decided to go in person to a university, where we will ask to help Edhi Foundation and its our tribute to Edhi Saab (The Legend).

It was not possible for me to join my fellows but I did have planned with them and was fully involved till the last stage and I am more than happy that my class fellows did a great job and above all instead of all challenges they didn't give up and in that manner we were more than successful in our mission.

Akasha Munir, Mehjabeen and Muzzammil Arfat Khan planned for a third day as well. It was only due to Muzzammil Arfat Khan’s threats and Mehjabeen’s requests that all of group agreed to join.

Here I would like to appreciate the great effort of Asif Hashmat who went all the way to superior university to ask for permission from principle. Most unfortunately, they did not allow him. He still joined us for the third day. Amna Najam, who collected 1700 on her own because she was not able to come on first two days of collection. It was great to be a part of such an amazing team.

Group 3 and new members in group 1

Group 3

We were not much afraid as we had already passed the failure we all were afraid of at second day. It was really nice to see Raheel Asghar coming all the way from too far. He is busy with his brother’s wedding preparations too but he still joined us. I was really speechless to see his enthusiasm. Daniyal Ahmed and Amna Najam joined us for first time. I am really thankful to both for coming. We were joined by group 3 and it was much more fun. Zulqarnan, Ayesha Riaz, Zobia Asif, Aqib Nazir, Ahmad Waqas, and Hajira Riaz were members from group 3. We felt confidant to have them with us too. We went to G1 market Johar town.

Excited fellows with Sir Adnan

Our team was very passionate, I and my fellow made charts in Amal campus than we waited for all team members. It was only due to Zulqarnan, he made prank calls as sir Adnan scolding fellows to come for fund raising, that fellows joined. When all members reached Amal we collected fund from Amal staff. Our start was pretty good. When our team went in Sir benje williams’s room he asked us some questions. We were not mentally prepared but I and some fellows gave all the answers in details. Sir appreciated us and He gave us Rs. 1000, we were very happy for the positive response. I felt that I can do this.

G1 market

At G1 market we divided into two groups. I(Akasha Munir) was joined by Mehjabeen, Asif Hashmat, Daniyal Ahmed, Raheel Asghar, Aqib Nazir and Ahamd. We got a really good responce.

Zobia collecting fund

In second group Zulqarnan, Ayesha Riaz, Zobia Asif, Amna Najam, Muzzammil Arfat Khan and Hajira Riaz. Hajira narrated, outside in johar town G1 market, at start we were too much confused and nervous and felt little bit embarrassed and assumed what if we get negative response. We went into a big pharmacy and the manager of pharmacy was very harsh with me. He said why I should trust you with my money. I can give it to Kashmiri’s or anyone other. We received negative response. We were a bit down. But we showed “Sabr-eJameel”. We went out from the pharmacy by showing gratitude and go further for fund raising.

After that something astonishing happened. We received pretty positive response and I and my team members were too much surprised about the positive response. People gave very willingly. it felt like they were giving from their hearts. We were joyous and enthusiastic.

Covered whole G1 market

Hajira Riaz- the matchless girl

Both groups joined at fri chicks, after going through all market. We were happy because of good response. There I noticed an amazing thing, before I thought I was much confidant and enthusiastic but I watched Hajira Riaz as we all stood there planning for next move. She went to every person she watched in vicinity and asked for donation. She was matchless, we all wondered on her courage and enthusiasm.

Refreshment and Township

Later we all went to gourmet for some refreshment. We ate and drank there, enjoyed little party. Ayesha Riaz had to leave us because it was 6PM and her home is really far. Rest of us went to Township market for further fund raising. We again divided into two groups there and had good response. Watching Amna Najam, Daniyal Ahmed and Muhammad Aqib Nazir was inspiring. It was their first day and they did very well. Zulqarnan was really confidant and in a jittery mood. We worked for one and half hour there.

At Township near end

Extremely committed and professionalism

During our way to Township I received a call from Ali Afraz. He said that he was really sorry that he could not make it today. He had some issue in bank which he had to resolve before 8PM because without that he would not be able to appear in university exam on Monday. He said that he can join us for half an hour and was willing to do anything in his power. I told him to focus on the catastrophes he was in. His professionalism and commitment was really excellent. He sounded very sorry for everything.

Baseer Hussain came right after his internship to join us and once again we were almost finished. It was nearly 8PM when we left. He told us that he already had a leave from office to join us on Wednesday. He cannot get more leaves. But he still joined us each day after his job. It was exceeding our expectations.

The most precious gift

A lifetime memory

The best thing I discovered from this experience was having friends. I was on good speaking term with Mehjabeen before but this experience made us both felt more connected. It was amazing and she doeas agreed to me. Hajira Riaz said that she also felt more connected to a few fellows about whom she did not knew well before. Now I can say that I am on really good terms with Muzzammil Arfat Khan, it was extraordinary knowing him. Also with Asif Hashmat he is very commited.

A salute to the commitment of all people and please accept my gratitude. Thank you everyone from group 1 and 3. A special thanks to Amal team too, for helping us all, showing a way, making us a part of family, for making us stand for such a noble cause. May you all succeed in life. I am highly impressed from all of you. Lots of love, prayers and gratitude.