How to Succeed in an interview using #Equip #Real Techniques

What Recruiters think about these two terms.

Everyone wants a successful career but most of the people do qualify for the interview but they lack in interviewing skills which lead them to lose the opportunity.
For this reason, I searched about how important it is to be yourself in an interview? How do you identify if a candidate is being real or not during the interview? How do you identify if a candidate is fully prepared/equipped for an interview? What suggestions you may have on how to be fully prepared/equipped for an interview?

I have talked with the HR manager of Ittehad Chemical and the executive HR manager of Infinity Engineering in Pakistan and got the following outcomes:

Be Yourself

They said be yourself and don’t try to be over smart, If you showoff skills and knowledge that you really not have, you will make mess for your own self as we love to asks questions from your answers and this chain will keep going until you get nervous or win the job.

Identification of a Real Candidate

A real candidate is the one who has shown us passion, who has researched the organization and know about what are the key responsibilities and what do we want. A real candidate must be confident and will be very specific with a great gesture and confidence.

Identification of an Equipped Candidate

An equipped candidate is well dressed has all the original documents with him. Can provide as an extra copy. He must searched about the organization about his/her role and how they could add values by being able to be in that role. An equipped candidate must know our name and he also know about the market salary so that he can talk about the salary professional, its the critical point that most of the guys don’t know about the salary they are going to ask from us.

Suggestions from Recruiters and What I have learned

Be Yourself don’t be super impressive, all you need is to show your passion, be specific and be real. If you have problem in speaking english* and we are speaking urdu, try to answer in urdu, remove all the barriers, don’t lie* your one lie will make you lose the opportunity and we are very good in picking the lies.

Be well equipped by dressing like a professional,well pressed cloths and polished shoes, must bring original documents*, research as much as you can, you must know the mission, vision of the organization, ask questions that impress us. L folder for Resume as representation does matter. don’t be shy or nervous. Must have a print out of invitation email* for the interview.