In Person Drop

An Extramile That Can Give You a Dream Career

I searched through internet about my field related organizations and I did find so many, but when I thought about a petrochemical industry, so I had just one name which was Ittehad Chemical. So luckily On 6h of August, I found an advertisement in a group of Facebook. This was about the opening of a job opportunities at Ittehad Chemicals Private Limited.

It was a great opportunity for me being a chemical Engineer, as Ittehad chemicals is the pioneers in Petrochemical Industry. This advertisement was about hiring some Trainee Engineers and I felt its something especialy for me due to its different plants and it has a bulk of learning for Chemical Engineers. It covers so many equipment related to my field.

I decided to go an extra mile to go and drop my resume in person and for that I searched their location and did not have to invest much time in it.

I called my few of the friends who were working their and some of them are still working, I asked them for help and got a lot information including phone numbers and about the industry.

So, I came to know about the organogram of the industry in which :

Murtaza Khatri (CEO)

Imtiaz Khatak (HR)

Hassan Ali (Director)

So, I put myself out of the comfort zone and started equipping myself for the in person drop. This was my first experience to go extramile. I researched a lot from internet, blogs, groups and LinkedIn about Ittehad Chemical and customized my CV and cover letter accordingly.

So I put out the prints of cover letter and CV and put it in a L Folder.

Then I quipped myself for the interview, having professional dressing, practicing the elevator pitch in front of mirror and then in front of family for more than 5 times and revising the acronym PASSENGER learn at Amal Academy for the preparation of an interview.

So I went to the organization early morning and it was a great opportunity as it was not about that I will definitely meet the HR but I revised everything practically through this way, so when I went their the biggest challenge was to enter into the organization, the guard said drop your CV here, I did tell him that I want to meet the HR he said they didn't let us know as your name is not into the visiting list.

So then I called one of my friend and he took me inside, then he took me to the office of khatak Saab (HR Manager), he was busy however he took me in and remained busy for few minutes and doing his work h asked me many questions like So introduce yourself, as I had practiced elevator pitch I saw his face when he listen that from me.

Then he took my CV and Cover Letter, got extremely surprising while reading the CV, he told me the situation that we have already got so many applications and we are increasing time so it will take few months but you are in my test list, you have to appear in a test with some other applicants. I did thanks him, we had a cup of tea, where I just showed kindness and gratitude and did tell him that good luck with your selection process. He said I am very professional however I was just applying the theory or what I have practiced in reality.

I asked him for his email address and he gave me his card. So I think its a great way to find your career I asked the HR that is it a right way to drop CV in person, he said its the best way to show passion and handwork, we not only appreciate but also give priority to those guys who comes to us.

So, i learned a lot did practice everything I learned from Amal Academy, in that manner I was successful to filter so many challenges the only challenge was to enter into the industry that also resolve due to networking which has also been learned in Amal Academy. So next time I will practice it a bit more passionately as it has given me a lot of confidence and boost that whatever I have learned from Amal Academy is awesome and its a best way to have a job. I will keep on adding values and will try to practice those skills ON/OFF to be an expert. So to go extramile is the best shortcut to a successful life. however there are no shortcuts of success but to go extramile makes you superior from others.