The First-hand information is very valuable.

We are living in an information age, and it is very difficult to track down from where any story has emerged and arrived at us. Often the stories are manipulated according to the parties involved and the authenticity is depleted at every step of the way.

I read books because it accounts to the learnings and experiences of the author which is a first-hand information.

The numerous stories which have been mentioned in the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Yogananda Paramhansa, is first-hand information, and I wouldn’t have believed in any of the stories if it didn’t come from the personal experiences of Yogananda Paramhansa.

I come from Bihar, a place where corruption is a culture. I have heard of many related stories from newspapers, televisions, and social media.

Today I got an opportunity to get first-hand information of a story, which is a privilege. I had a conversation with a retired government high school teacher, Farooque Ahmed, he has been teaching English for last 40 years(he still gives tuitions at his home).

It was an honor to listen to his real life stories, his struggles, and the victories.

He discussed the situations in his school and the battle they fought against Bihar government in the court in order to get their 30 months pending salary. The situation in Bihar was really messed up during Lalu’s regime(the then chief minister of Bihar).

He shared about how they fought every step of the way in order to get the payment of what they had already served.

These are the heroes of our nations whose stories never got covered by the media, and nobody talks about them anymore.

I listened to numerous other stories relating corruption and it was really sickening.

However, one very important thing I learned from him is that we have to be brave enough to raise our voices and be heard.

He shared his secret with me and said that it was because of courage and righteousness that he was able to fight all his battles.

Indeed, we can learn a lot from our elders.

Thank you so much Farooque sir, for sharing your story.


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