Abdul Sattar Edhi, A True Inspiration:-

Introduction to Abdul Sattar Edhi Life:-

Abdul Sattar EDHI is one of the most inspirational personalities of Pakistan who is running Pakistan’s one of the biggest nonprofit organization called EDHI foundation. As a man’s first school is his mother’s lap. He learned basic lesson of humanity from his mother

Her mother used to give him 2 paisa daily in his early childhood and told to use one paisa for himself and one for other needy peoples. He had to face fierce response from his mother if he was not able to use that to help needy. This little act taught him Amal (just start). This influenced in his later life when he just started with one ambulance and now he has the biggest setup of ambulances in Pakistan

Once he was going to play he saw a wounded man he came back home and brought some food, medicine and blanket for him. Sooner that person was healed but he was a different man from others he taught EDHI that true Islam is in humanity. He also taught him how to learn Quran. At the age of 13 he started to study the newspaper and about lives of Muslim heroes and companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBH). This act lead him to khudi (knowledge of himself). He started to know what he is and what he can do for others.

At the age of 11 he started work as hawker. He has to put a load of clothes on his back and move around in streets to sell them. All of his friends mock him and laugh at him when he told them about his vision to build hospitals and to help people. They said roti (his nick name) why don’t you change your thoughts but he bear this with patience and saber — e — jameel. At partition of subcontinent when there was huge disturbance between Muslims and Hindus he has to bear a lot of saber — e — jameel. Later In his one interview EDHI said toughest time of his life was when he married a women from Peshawar and she ran away with gold and money that has to be used for needy and he has to spend that time with patience and saber — e — jameel.

In his early age during Ramzan his mother gave him packets of money and food to give those who can’t afford that. This act lead him to the importance of team work (ek or ek gyarah)

In matter of fact EDHI’S life is all about Amal, Khudi, saber- e — jameel and team work. All he has achieve from one ambulance to Pakistan’s biggest nonprofit organization was not possible without these. Edhi sahib’s life is inspiration for those who feel pain of others.

What Success Demands:-

There is no shortcut to success in life if you wants to something extra ordinary you have to bear pain of hard work for that, you will have to come across ups and downs in your way but you have to over pass all of them to reach your destination. For success it is not important what you want to get in fact the most important thing is what you want to bear to achieve your destination.

In fact diamond is not diamond at first day, carbon has to bear hundreds of year of pressure and temperature to be converted in diamond.

How to Be in Other’s Heart:-

If you want that other people get interested in you where you go try to work out following principles show care for others a few word of kindness can be really helpful for you. If you are at high post saying hello to subordinates and care about their big life events can be really fruitful for you. Try be interested in others rather than talk about yourself all time as an old Roman poet said “ we are interested in others when they are interested in us”


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