What it Changes in Me:-

When I look back four months ago what were my thoughts I realize that I can find a lot of changes in my thoughts and doings. Before joining the Amal academy the one and only purpose of my life was to study and get a good job, I didn’t had any concern with other’s lives. In fact my purpose of joining the Amal academy at that time was to learn basic professional skills to get a good job. After being selected in Amal academy, from very day first my thoughts about living life started to change. Along with developing professional skills I was able to learn a lot of new things about life. I was able to develop the habits of gratitude, learning from failure, kindness, empathy and lot more.


Gratitude is something that you can offer others for even a little act of help, sometimes gratitude is the biggest price you can offer a person who helps you, the happiness that other person got from your gratitude is priceless. I just started to show gratitude to other persons for their little acts for me it can include thanks to gatekeeper for opening the gate, thanks to friend for a glass of water, thanks to student for good home work. In doing all this the biggest thing I got is their smile when I pass by them and I think no other price can be equivalent to this.

Failure is first step to success:-

The important thing that Amal changes in me is to see failure as a first step of success. When you fail to do one thing in fact you learn one new way to avoid failure. With one failure you learn more new things. If Thomas Edison did not made mistakes how could we be able to see more than thousand invention from him, so “love your mistakes just as much as you adore your triumphs”

Reason for the creation of human:-

The most important thing I learn from Amal is to show empathy. In fact it was one of the biggest reason for the creation of human, because if God only wanted His worship there are billions of angels and their only task is to worship God.

An old man lives near my home. He has no children and his wife is dead, so he lives alone. One day I went to see him. I feel very sorry for him as it was very cold and he had no one to help him. I thought If I was in his place what would be my condition. I offered him to make tea and to do his household tasks. That day when I was going back his eyes were full of tears and he was giving me best wishes. The feeling I got at that time was more precious than everything in this world.

I will conclude this with meanings of Ilama Iqbal’s verse (Humans are created to feel the pain of others otherwise there were lot of angels to worship Allah)

So empathy is best thing what you can offer to mankind.


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