informational interview

I interviewed a CSP , a friend to my cousin , As i have a goal to be CSP. That was a incredible experience because now i know exactly what should be my goal path. He told me all the difficulties and problems he faced and all the challenges he met and what are the secrets and logical steps to get all the knowledge to pass CSS.

I was confused before this interview and had no idea about how much work is required to pass CSS and what subjects should i select , which academy to join , which books to read , which news paper to consult daily , which library has relevant books , what are the tips to extract maximum knowledge from books and newspaper , how to write relevant answers , what should be preferences to select subjects and how to give maximum time to study. Each and every thing is very helping and i think this interview made me clear to know whether i can do CSS or not. He motivated me and told me “no one can stop you from getting your goal but you” .

From this activity i learned that we should work smart , we should know all the aspects of goal and should learn from others experiences.