Knowing myself

Knowing about yourself is really an interesting and useful task. I had and image about myself but after getting comments from my friends and family i came to know many of aspects of my personality. The people around you observe you every time and they can guide you in better way.

i was shocked and amazed and i realized that i have many strengths that can help me in achieving my goal and also weaknesses which i have to improve to achieve my goal. Many of friends replied me with strengths and few told me about my weaknesses on asking them about my abilities and i thing the people told me weaknesses helped me more because now i can improve myself.

No one is perfect , but one can always try to improve. Many of my friends told me that i am kind, intelligent and can perform well in stress , in technical education and learning new things, one of my friend told me that i am not good in doing long term tasks or i am not consistent , i thought about that and he is absolutely true , i left many thing which were long term and i think this is the main problem in me and i have to overcome this now .

After this activity i am even more motivated now because now i know my weaknesses and i think my way to my goal is more clear now , now i have a target to achieve and this activity will be the life changing activity. Now i will focus in keeping interest in my goal until its achieved. I have to implement Sabre Jamel (Work Work Work) a Amal Academy rule to overcome this problem.