Sharing my success stories

I had no idea before that i have success stories. After Amal academy assignment I realized that I succeed many times in my real life and Iam a hero of my own life. I wrote 3 stories and shared them with Nasreen Fatima my Amal fellow and she gave me valuable feedback which motivated me.

I shared about how i can work better in stress and i can learn faster than others, the example was quite impressive and feedback was amazing.
she replied “this story is showing your hardworking ability and your insight feeling. in this story u have followed the principle as “ khudi”.I appreciated you for your motivation and your management power in short period of time.” this reply was really motivational that i started working again with my full attention.

I shared another story about finding motivation and she replied as “I appreciated your goals and your thinking for society and for our country. your determination are powerful which provide you a best way for progress.
and “Your positive attitude and your admiration power is showing your strength .forgiveness is humble quality that you have. keep it up.