Bill And Melinda Gates’ Letter To Warren Buffet; Something To Feel Good About !!

The Millionaire couple wrote a letter to Warren Buffet…and reading it made my day.

As you grow up, you become more and more pessimistic about the world. This is true for all…be it you or me or my parents. When you get out of your house…you see the big bad world and slowly and steadily it makes you lose hope.

This happened to me when I started working. The corporate system sucked the optimism and enthusiasm for work out of me. Then, while wandering across the internet at night…I came upon something so enlightening…it opened my eyes.

A report published by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

I shared that article with every one of my close friends….and got down to write about it!

Bill And Melinda Gates’ Write To Warren Buffet…

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s wealthiest men, donated a bulk of his fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in 2006. Ten years later…he wrote to them a letter. A letter congratulating the millionaire couple on all their achievements and asking one primal question…

What Impact Did His Gift Have?

So the Gates, honoring Mr. Buffet’s request, prepared the 2017 annual report. Incorporating, how their foundation has changed the world for good, and how they plan to change the world for good.

Bill and Melinda Gates with Warren Buffet

When you look outside your office, you see so many poor people living in such conditions… you feel despondent about the world’s poverty problem. Improving the lifestyle of the poor has been the foundation’s primary goal. To make the world a better place.

I read the report, and it made my day.

Just read on…a compendium of my analysis of the annual report.

The World Changing For The Good…

122 Million…the number of children the foundation has saved since 1990. Every year the number of children under the age of 5 that die, globally, has been coming down. And that sure seems hopeful.

Saving children’s lives is the goal that launched our global project….

Says Melinda Gates.

Percentage of children receiving basic vaccines have gone up by 86%

A substantial reduction in infant mortality all over the globe…from 2.6 million infants to only 1 million infants, died on the day they were born in 2016. This still too many…but changes take time. A normal person could have been demotivated by looking at these staggering statistics.

Millionaire Learning…

There was learning too. When the couple was searching for solutions they realized that the world isn’t as just and fair as they expected it to be. they realized that 45% children die because of malnutrition. They found out that poverty is sexist…and women in a poverty struck society are dominated by men. They found that education among the poor about contraceptives and birth control improved the family’s economical condition, happiness level and in the overall development of the society.

But two of these statistics made me very hopeful….

One was that the number of people who are struck by extreme poverty have been cut by half over the last 25 years if the foundation’s existence. And the other is that the number of children struck by polio have been reduced to 0.

These are huge achievements… and both Bill and Melinda Gates have worked very passionately to use their immense wealth to help the world.

2016 saw just 37 cases globally…

People still believe poverty to be increasing. The one thing that I found very inspiring about the power couple’s humanistic foray…was the unbelievable amount of optimism required to bring that substantial a change.

Applaud World Changing Efforts…

I silently applauded these efforts. But I realized… there are so many people out there, working to make the world a better place for the poor. They need motivation, applause…or some kind of appraisal to continue their work. Unlike the Gates…these people don’t have millions at their disposal. So I did just that.

I texted my friend Ishita…who spends her weekend with orphan kids, that she inspires me. I called up my college friends, who are into an NGO, and told them to continue their social work…

Change is never easy to bring…especially at the level that the Gates have done so. But determination and optimism is what actually changes the world.

Your success doesn’t create your optimism;your optimism leads to your success

I believe Bill and Melinda Gates’ letter satisfied Mr. Buffet….that his money is making the world a better place!

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