(written December 2014 and still relevant)

Art created by Faith E. Briggs for #BlackLivesMatters protests in response to the killing of Eric Garner.

what do you do when you’ve been screaming your whole life?
when you’ve spent so many evenings turned to early mornings screaming your voice hoarse,
looking for anyone, anyone at all who might listen
who might hear
who might see your truth.
without the need to correct, curb, invalidate, pick apart.

the truth being:
that things are not equal, that the good fight is not won,
that one person at a time can do their best
but can’t change everything.
that yes Obama was president
and our country is still racist.
steeped in racist systems.
and then suddenly one day, everyone is quiet.


  1. “I like them lines in your head!” — said with much enthusiasm from a young…

Photo by Michael Estrada @mikey.ae

Swoosh: I’m Still Mad about Outdoor Retailer

Faith E. Briggs

Content Creator Focusing on Diversity and Representation in the Outdoors.

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