Being a strong female leader is essential in the 2020 work environment, and here’s how you can become one…

Adults like to tell us the importance of our dress code at school, and of making sure us girls look professional so as not to draw attention from the boys. But no one ever tells you the rules of a good headshot.

  • Stand up straight
  • Smile wide
  • Own your worth and look directly into the camera knowing that you are a boss lady and you deserve to be taken seriously

Now that picture above is the first headshot I ever took…

Source: Chicago Booth

The world may not be the place we once knew, but the actions of those in charge of the livelihood of humanity remain the same.

Humanity has never had such a pressing deadline to find a solution to such a giant problem. Researchers and scientists around the world are expediting the drug development process in an effort to make all of this social distancing worthwhile. We can spend the next decade attempting to flatten the curve, but without significant treatment options, lives will be lost regardless.

Human suffering is defined as “to endure death, pain, or distress; to sustain loss…

Are you happy?

Not the kind of happiness you feel when you eat chocolate, or land a new trick on your skateboard.

Like, genuinely happy… Taken all together, how would you say things are going these days? Maybe the past couple of months, or even years?

If I asked you this question in 1990, you’d be more likely to be happy.

American happiness is going down…

According to data from the General Social Survey, on a scale of 1 to 3, where 1 represents “not too happy” and 3 means “very happy,” Americans on average gave themselves a 2.18 —…

How I feel about the part of myself that chooses complacency over growth.

If you’re like me and you struggle with a serious Netflix addiction, then you’ve watched The Office in its entirety at least once. If you’re really like me, you’ve seen it a good three or four times. Or you’ve been watching Parks and Rec this whole time and have not been subjected to the deep and profound lessons Michael Scott has to share with us all.

Before we get to Michael, let’s have a little Q & A:

Q: How can we go about developing in a developed world?

A: The first assumption there is that our world is developed.

Since 1953, there have been over 10,000 climbers who have reached the top of Mount Everest.

Encouraging, right?

But there have actually been twice as many people who have tried and been unable to reach the peak of the world’s largest mountain.

Less encouraging…

Most of people don’t actually make it to the top of the mountain, just like most people don’t actually achieve their goals. For some reason, us humans reallllly struggle to finish things.

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘you can’t get something from nothing’? It turns out that it has many more applications in everyday life…

Being yourself is hard, especially as a teenage sophomore in high school. Adolescents my age are constantly bombarded with the judgements of the ones around us, as well as society itself. The media portrays a certain image of the “quintessential teenage girl”; popular, perfect figure, perfect grades, perfect athlete, large friend circle, and an extensive romantic life to name a few characteristics.

Teens, just like me, try desperately to achieve their dreams while being constantly bogged down by these depictions of who we are supposed to be, but I refuse to let anyone change me. …

Ever since I was little, Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays! When December rolls around, no matter what else was going on in our lives, my mom and I always take the time to destress and bake some seriously delicious gingerbread cookies.

Baking, like most things, is a process; first you read the recipe and find what ingredients are needed for the food you are trying to create. Then, you have to prepare the ingredients! Mixing flour and water together to form your dough, and then breaking it apart into smaller chunks so that you have a…

Last week, I got the amazing opportunity to attend the 2019 MIT Neurotech Conference! There, I learned about research in areas varying from intracortical neural interfaces to analyzing behavioral neurology from movement, all from some of the world’s most innovative neuroscientists!

It was honestly one of the best days of my life so far! 🤩

The Day Itself

Leading up to the conference, I did some major prep to be ready for all of the information I was about to be overloaded with. After attending MassChallenge, I wanted to go into this conference with specific goals.

  1. I wanted each speaker ONE thought-provoking question…

You are reading the second article in my series on adolescent health; if you are interested on how other things such as exercise affect teens, click here to read my first article.

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With the holiday season approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in the high of all of the sweet treats and delectable goods. This month, I interviewed Daniela Winston, CEO of Cryomed Boston, to ask about how nutrition affects adolescent development and physiology!

How does lifestyle affect the eating habits of teens?

Faith: “How does technology affect the physical eating process?”

Winston: “I see a lot of people, teens, and adults, that look at their screens while…

We all know that one mom who is super health-conscious; the one who only cooks with non-GMO, farm raised, organic produce and is obsessed with Instagram food trends. If you haven’t met one yet, you should come over and have dinner at my house.

Image credit:

My mom is what society would call a health-nut. Even though she’s a full time mom, she spends a lot of time learning about how what we eat affects our overall wellbeing. I, the budding scientist in the family, love to question her rationale for why eating more kale is going to suddenly have a positive…

Faith Inello

Innovator at The Knowledge Society. My ambition in life is to mitigate the symptoms of neurological conditions through research in exponential technologies!

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