How to Hack the Music Industry
Danny Quick

I checked out the App. Seems like a sound idea…for making money. But the biggest thing that jumped at me was during the video. You all explained that when somebody texts “Yoooo I like your sound” or something like that, and you don’t have their number in the phone the app would automatically send another text back asking for the email. I understand the logic behind this for data collection purposes and searching to see if they have purchased anything. BUT then the video said, if the person hasn’t purchased anything, the app would send another text asking them to go and buy something. As a NEW fan of someone’s music…getting that text would be a huge turn off to me. There hasn’t been any rapport generated. The rapport/relationship part seemed to be the biggest nail you were hitting on in your piece but it seems to be completely missing from the App. (aside from thanking on twitter…. but I get DM’s on Twitter thanking me all the time for following them.. I don’t necessarily feel a bigger connection...just seems like any other automated response. For example when I purchase something online and I get a “Thank you for your order”…. Same diff to me.)

How can you really create a true relationship via text if you have 90248234082093.5 fans…. or even 100 fans? Keeping a personal relationship with each one doesn’t seem realistic.

Just a thought.

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