Clever Choice for Buying A Seeds Drill dor Your Farm

If you are planting for a large lane , two types of grain seed planters can help your planting work easier and time-saving: Multifunctional Seed Drill and Double-Disc Wheat Seeder

A seed planter is a tool used in landscaping to spread seeds over a certain area. In small-scale landscaping and gardening, a hand-operated seed planter is needed. While In large farming operations, the multifunction seeds drilling machine can save you a lot of time.

Advantage of using seeds drill.

1.Grain seed planters can make sowing easier and save you money. Check out the different types of grain seeders that could help you be more efficient in the field.

2.A seed planter is its ability to save a tremendous amount of time and keep the rows spaced evenly in a garden or a farm field.

3.It allows sowing seeds at a appropriate depth so that seeds can not picked by birds.

4.For those planters pushed by hand, there is usually a guide offset from the planting wheel that will mark out the next row, allowing the user to keep neatly spaced rows. Seeds sown in proper rows result in uniform growth and overcrowding. So grains can get the sufficient nutrients, sunlight and water.

Using tips for seeds drill

Use Precautions for seeds drill

1. There are two kinds of seeder unit for choice, one for single seed, the other for double seeds. When your seeds are better, you may chose the seeder unit of single seeds for seeding in precision( one hole one seeds). If the seeds are general seeds, you may chose the seeder unit of double seeds(one hole two seeds).

2. Use good seeds, whose germination rate should be higher than 95% and do coating or pre-soaking in pesticide to improve the seeds quality. Then the seeds should have good fluidity and have no adhesive. Forbid using powder mix seeds in case of making loss of potency of pesticide and plugging up seeds suction holes.

3. Please clean sundries and choose the seeds which are in accordance with related requirements. You can pick out the whole disc cover when clearing the seeds. Seed clearance is convenient and thorough.

4. Add the lubricating oil to the gears, sprockets, chains and front axle parts before storage. Clear the soil and weeds of various parts on it and then preserve it properly.

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