How does rice COLOR SORTER machine perform in working?

How does rice COLOR SORTER machine perform in working? Here, we take CB6 Cereal Color Sorting Machine as the example and the following is the Introduction:

Rice Color Sorter machine High Reliability
The mechanical structure is designed for reliability and stability, introducing the cooling system to improve the service life and stability of the machine; The electrical and optical design system is meant for simplicity and efficiency, the optimized system structure reduces the complexity of the machine, and improves the reliability of the machine.

Rice Color Sorter machine Advanced camera image acquisition system 
Use 2048-pixel high-speed high resolution linear CCD image sensor and high-precision dedicated lens to receive images, which can distinguish the heterochromatic regions of 0.04mm2 accurately; Use the imported LED light source that features higher brightness, longer service life, more stable quality and better performance.

Rice Color Sorter machine Intelligent image processing algorithms
Use the intelligent algorithms to implement special treatment for the large region light yellow and tiny spots, needle-size black specks etc. to improve sorting accuracy.

Rice Color Sorter machine High-quality solenoid valve
Use High-quality,high-frequency,long service life ejecter,super low air consumption guaranteed the biggest capacity,excellent rejection output

Rice Color Sorter machine Excellent elimination rate (removal rate 10:1)
Advanced image acquisition system + intelligent image processing algorithms + high-quality nozzle system = excellent elimination rate.

Rice Color Sorter machine Simple operation, easy to learn and use
Simple optical system design, precise automatic correction system, combined with the well-designed human-machine interface to simplify the complexity of machine commissioning and use, ensuring the simple operation and the machine is easy to learn and use.

Rice Color Sorter machine Flexible mode, applicable to a wide range
In view of the different rice, designs the corresponding optimum operating mode, a machine to achieve different rice color sorting.

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