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Rice Processing Procedures
 * Paddy Cleaning: removes foreign objects, such as hey, straw, stone, tree stump and snail shell from the paddy.
 * Rice Husking: rubs excessive husks off cleaned paddy. Once removed, brown rice is separated from the husks through the ventilation process.

  • Rice Paddy Separating: separates some unhusked paddy from brown rice by applying a difference in gravitational pull and surface friction. The unhusked paddy, then, re-enters the husking process. 
     * Rice Milling: strips off the bran layer from brown rice. The bran layer is blown out by air, which sucks in the brand layer. This process usually takes 2 to 3 cycles, depending on the required milling degree.
     * Rice Grading: separates milled rice (mixture of different sizes: whole grain, head rice and broken rice) by a sieve grader. The finished rice will be stored in individual bads, according to its grade. And the rice is ready for delivery.

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