Give your kids a Queensland education in a faith-based school

Modern children need to be fully supported in their learning, and many parents have to think long and hard when making decisions about their children’s education. It is important to think about exactly what you want for your child, and what they will need in order to get the most from their education. When researching schools in the Queensland education system, a faith-based school can offer children more than just simple rote learning, or test focused education, and can encourage the personality of the child to grow in a positive way, to the benefit of both the child and the community.

How faith and education mix

There are many elements of a faith-based education that can be used to help teach child to understand how important it is to have morals and good standards. Children learn not only the basics of an education, but also how the teachings of Christ can be used in everyday life. The education of the child is part of the philosophy of any Christian school, giving them the right to reach their optimum levels of understanding and education. Being taught in Faith Lutheran College, Thornlands, will also teach the child social and emotional dimensions, which will help them to interpret the world around them more constructively. The blend of faith and education helps children to take a more active role in their community, teaching them not just reading and writing, but also how they can be an important part of society.

Faith schools and supporting children

One of the most important aspects of any Christian school is their ability to support children, not only in education but also in their emotional and spiritual life. With programs revolving around worship and Pastoral care for children, managing behaviour, and creating a supportive environment in which children can consider their life experiences, assess their beliefs and spirituality, and view themselves against a challenging and very complex modern world. Being taught Christianity at Faith Lutheran College helps them to look at the many issues that children and young people in the modern environment, including the Internet, crime and violence, and social issues, which can be very complex without the assistance of a faith to help guide children through. Studying Christianity helps to allow children to grow their faith, so hopefully they emerge from their school years with a strong sense of who they are both as a human being and as a Christian.

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