|10 16 17|

I spent almost half an hour thinking how to hide — “how to comfort your friends when they’re already offended even before you do anything” on my Instagram stories whilst playing Logic’s hotline number song. But I decided not to post it na lang. For what intention? I’ve always hated it when people don’t just say their issue upfront, so why should I channel it to a shady post? Why not ask them right away, confront them, where I went wrong?

But for what it’s worth, how? How do I share my story again? How do I ask forgiveness? How do we stop building walls? Writing about it doesn’t help any of them ☹ I miss being able to share my ups and downs. More than a tweet, an IG story, an fb message — I just, I missed them opening up to me as well. But it was partly my fault, sorry for being the first to condemn. Sorry for being so condescending.

Here’s to better days because this too shall pass.

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